Customised Training Solutions & Facilitation

We offer our clients customised training solutions that are based on their needs and aligned to the specific outcomes they are looking for. We are committed to building teams of engaged professional practitioners for optimal performance.  We have been getting phenomenal results in various sectors by motivating individuals and facilitating processes that build a supportive cohort for proactive individuals. It does this by highlighting the relationship between the effectiveness of a company’s team and their professional conduct with company productivity. Most people want to be really good at what they are doing at work but many struggle to make a concrete connection between their actions and what they experience. We support participants as they make these connections.

Some examples of the types of programmes we create are below: 

Professional Development Programme for Practitioners

High Performance Engagement for Teams

Leadership Skills Development for Managers

Our programmes are based on the developmental needs of adults. They are designed to actively engage participants through developmentally appropriate content and processes. As a result the programmes are designed around peer-led, project-based and experiential learning. The purpose is to allow the participants to re-connect with themselves as well as develop their understanding how to communicate and act effectively within a team. The tailor made processes developed by Tahirih Michot, founder of The Idea Processor, lead participants to personal clarity. From clarity emanates motivation and a sense of ownership, both of which are required for individuals to successfully achieve their goals.

During the sessions participants learn to relate to one another in a safe and yet challenging environment, an ideal setting for purposeful team interaction. The result is a shift from a group with individuals that drive things and runs the risk of burning out, to an engaged team capable of effective communication and collaboration. These programmes are about learning and becoming better professionals. In an ideal situation the process should be on-going and sustained over an extended period of time to maximise results. This is primarily because it takes time to change old habits and develop new ones.