• You know what you want and have a clear idea of the results you seek. You do not have people that can support you.
  • You need creative, resourceful, self-directed individuals that can support your vision and make it tangible.


  • You have an idea or a desire to do something.
  • You are not sure how to translate your idea or desire into something tangible.
  • You are actively looking for assistance and are committed to getting results.


  • You have been trying to achieve particular outcomes which don't meet your expectations.
  • You are not sure how to achieve different results with your existing resources.
  • You are open to the possibility of trying something different.
  • You are eager to work with innovative, resourceful, self-directed individuals with the capacity to make your vision tangible.


  • You simply want focused support which enables you to achieve the results you seek.
I have experience in working with Tahirih in various projects at UNIMA SA. Tahirih is a master at her work! When she ventures into projects she always does her research and does not leave things to chance. She is a very creative and knowledge-able person. She has great insight and knowledge in programme design, programme management and programme evaluation. I am always impressed by the passion and professionalism she brings into her work.
— Cindy Mkaza-Siboto, UNIMA South Africa