Tahirih Michot

Tahirih is a process designer with over twenty years of experience in human centred capacity building and team development. 

Tahirih specialises in: supporting change, team engagement and leadership development. She has extensive experience in programme design, process facilitation, project management and research. Her approach is informed by action learning, coaching, design thinking and adult development. Tahirih creates responsive processes resulting in tangible results for clients. 

You can read more about her approach and professional insights by visiting her blog.


Eric Michot

Eric is a French national based in Cape Town. He is experienced in operational management for large organisations.

Eric specialises in personal development and peak performance for teams and individuals. He graduated from the Consciousness Coaching Academy Master Curriculum. Eric is an Expert Certified Coach (ECC) and Mentor Coach MCS (Coach Trainer) by the Consciousness Coaching Academy, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Certified NLP Practitioner from the American Union of NLP and a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist from the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

Our Ecosystem

We have a network of people that we enjoy collaborating with on different projects. Instead of a fixed team people, we like to think of this network as a responsive ecosystem of talent, skills and interests. Some of the important people we really enjoy working with are: 

Linda d'Holt-Hackner from The Touch Company has worked closely with Tahirih a number of programmes in the hospitality industry and with local economic development professionals. Linda d’Holt-Hackner is a brand and communications expert through her business, The Touch Company. She specialises in 5-star hospitality and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Linda’s client base consists of many of the top hospitality establishments in South Africa (hotels and restaurants) and she offers a range of training related programmes tailored to meet her client’s needs. Her foundation programme focuses on interpersonal skills and communication and is designed to effectively elevate service standards for any establishment she works with.

Joanne Sandler is an experienced facilitator with skills in human-centered design and visual literacy. She makes use of design led processes to address complex problems. Joanne enjoys working with multi-disciplinary teams in mapping ideas, understanding user needs, creative problem solving, and applying Design Thinking and Innovation processes to overcome challenges, with teams across public and private sectors. She believes that we are all creative and capable problem solvers. Joanne has worked in Design & Art Education, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Service design, Product development, Creative process facilitation and toolkit development.

Keke Mapena works on internal communication and engagement projects. She has a passion for seeing companies thrive through creating engaging work environments that give employees the opportunity to grow and develop. Not just in the workplace but also in their communities.  Keke has worked on culture shifting, internal branding & communication, and engagement improvement projects. The success of these projects have created employee stories that transform the way they view their work and workplace. Keke holds a Bcom Degree in IHM and an MBA, she has Hospitality experience through her roles in Guest Relations and Lodge Management.

Anne-Marie Hanna from Inc Labs and COMMPOST works on change and innovation projects. She is a qualitative researcher and facilitates Human-Centered-Design led processes, focusing on persona development, journey mapping and sense making. This allows for a deep understanding of user needs, and a sound foundation for strategy development. Anne-Marie worked in the film and media industry for 14 years, producing digital video content, online commercials and corporate communication campaigns for global brands. Her experience as a producer has taken her all over the world, collaborating with creative teams to capture the stories of people from all walks of life.